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Everyday I'm Hustlin'???

I appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit that is awakening in people all over our nation and our world. Folks are tapping in to their own potential and creating sustainable businesses that will serve as their legacy to support their families for generations to come. If this is you, please remember to connect with the Source to understand the purpose of the Resource. Put as much energy and effort into learning about the God that created you as you do grinding and chasing the bag—even more so. God has a specific goal and plan for your temporal and your eternal existence. The more you know about Him, the less time, energy and effort it will take to step into that purposeful life. You can have everything and experience everything that life has to offer, but what will it matter if your eternal existence is lost? The hustle mentality means that you are ever on a quest to position yourself to do more, and to have more. More is dangerous-more is flesh. It is never satisfied, in fact the more you give it, the more it wants. Be careful to appreciate what you have. Be careful to appreciate the journey inasmuch as you yearn to reach the destination. Above all else, be careful to seek the guidance of the One who gave your life meaning.

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