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Dream Big, Dream Out Loud, Dream TODAY!

If you could have the things that you have always wanted, what would they be? What do you really truly want in life, things that money can buy?

When I first became in an income earner, all I wanted was to spend only the money I received, and to build my credit. To accomplish this, I kept a tally of all money spent, and paid special attention to credit card due dates. Today my goals are a little different; I want to get out of debt, save for my son’s education, give to those in need, provide a little cushion money in case of an emergency, and live comfortably in an early retirement.

Whatever you name, write it down on a sheet a paper that you carry with you always. Put it in a wallet, next to your cash or debit cards. Write it on your bathroom mirror; make it your background on your cell phone, work and personal computers. Picture it and keep hold to it.

We are the most marketed to culture that the world has ever witnessed. This means that collectively, companies are spending billions of dollars to try to get you to purchase their products, indulge in their experiences—give THEM YOUR money. Marketers use many tactics to tap into our fleshly desires—perhaps we will feel better or be more desirable, appear more valuable, if we were to buy into their latest promotion right now, even if we do not have the money to pay for it. Marketers try to capitalize on the internal struggle between the spirit doing what it knows is right, and the flesh doing what it feels is right, and if they can tip the balance in favor of feelings, they know they’ve got us in their hooks.

If the world is finding subtle and not so subtle ways to remind you of their plan…why wouldn’t you do the same?! Continuously remind yourself that as a child of God there is a plan for your life, you are certainly valued, and no thing or experience will make that any more or less true. Create money goals first and then keep them at the forefront of your mind. Tell me, tell the telemarketers that call your home, tell the grocery teller, tell your therapist, tell the people at your church, tell your accountability partners! Then and only then will you get closer to making it happen!

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